Do your part - eco friendly packaging

From the start of my journey in creating NE1, I found that the best way to make you feel special was to turn owning a piece of NE1 jewellery into an experience. 

if you look at all of the big brands across so many sectors - from Apple for technology to Gucci for fashion - they all create an experience when purchasing their product. 

Apple product packaging is vacuum sealed so that it creates anticipation for opening this box. I wanted you to feel the same when buying your next pendant. 

So I looked all over the internet for the best looking packaging to place the value on YOU that you deserve. And throughout this, there was so much of a carbon footprint that we would be hurting the environment to get these boxes produced and brought in from the other side of the world. 

From this, we found EU manufactured, eco-friendly boxes that are made from FSC Certified Materials. This means that no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. This protects the wild-life in the area, provides special training to the foresters and provides a decent wage to those involved in getting the supplies needed for our packaging. 

By doing this, we are able to do our part, however small, to help the environment and the future of our planet. 

For more information around FSC responsible forestry, head to